Metal Roofing Services in Witney, Oxford & The Cotswolds

Abbey Roofing specialises in hard metal roofing systems such as Zinc and Copper. These metals can provide aesthetically pleasing results, giving true uninterrupted lines to both sloping pitches and cladding alike in Witney, Oxford and The Cotswolds. Some hard metals can be manufactured in specific design colours to replicate or provide an individual with an outstanding roofscape.

Our highly trained team of professional tradesmen are qualified in the latest techniques for installing all types of metal roofing, on both domestic and commercial buildings as well as historical or listed buildings. In addition to this, we can also carry out repairs on zinc or copper roofs.

Zinc Roofing

Zinc is a popular metal roofing option due to its weatherproof, corrosion resistant properties. As well as being an extremely low maintenance roofing solution, zinc offers many advantages over other metal roofing materials. When exposed to harsh weather-fronts zinc can withstand extreme conditions and is a metal that you can near enough install and not have to touch or maintain anytime in the near future.

Due to these durable properties, zinc roofing has an extremely long lifespan and can last for up to 100 years without degradation. This makes it a cost-effective option when you’re looking to replace your roof and is often cheaper to buy than alternative metals.

The material is also 100% recyclable and takes just half the energy to produce than steel or copper.

Copper Roofing

It’s not often that you see copper roofing on domestic properties, however, it has been used on medieval buildings and churches for centuries. Although copper is one of the more expensive choices for metal roofing, it’s durability and energy efficiency outweigh the cost.

Copper roofing is a far more beneficial material than slate when it comes to durability. The life expectancy of copper can exceed fifty years with the correct care and maintenance, copper is also resistant to the elements and thermal changes, keeping maintenance costs relatively low.

For an energy efficient and environmentally friendly roofing solution, copper roofing is highly recommended. As metal reflects heat rather than absorbing it, copper can make it easier to heat and cool your home, reducing your energy costs.

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As expert roofing contractors, our team can advise on which roofing solution is best suited to your needs. We can also provide you with information on how best to care for and maintain your new roof.

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