Professional Roofing Contractors in Swindon

At Abbey Roofing our experienced team of roofing contractors in Swindon have been working hard for over 35 years to provide the local area with new roofing as well as roof repairs too. We carry out a wide range of services including roofing repairs, chimney repairs, roof tiling as well as dealing with a range of different types of roofing such as flat roofing, metal roofing and lead roofing.

Roof Tiling Throughout Swindon

As a team of roofing contractors, we want to provide a comprehensive service to our customers in Swindon, whether your property has clay or concrete tiles we have the skills and knowledge to carry out roof tiling on any kind of roof. We are able to advise you on all the best solutions to your roofing needs to that when it comes to carrying out the roof tiling you feel confident that our Swindon based team have your best interests at heart and will provide excellent results you need.

Specialist Chimney & Roof Repairs in Swindon

No matter whether you have sturdy metal roofing or expensive lead roofing, over time they will deteriorate and you will need a roof repair. It is crucial that you catch any damage to your roof early to ensure that your roofing repair won’t cost too much money, however, leaving a problem means it will only get worse making your roof repair cost thousands of pounds. If you have spotted a leak in your roof make sure to give us a call today so we come to your property in Swindon and get your roofing repair going before the problem gets worse.

As well as roofing repairs, we also carry out chimney repairs in Swindon. Like broken roofs, they are easy to ignore but this will only lead to much bigger problems and a much more expensive chimney repair service. If you suspect that your chimney at your home in Swindon has some problems why not get a member of our team to come out and take a look at it to be sure a chimney repair isn’t needed.

Swindon’s Flat Roof Repairs 

Flat roofing can be a bit more vulnerable to damage than normal roofs since the water can’t roll off like it can on a slanted roof. This can cause a build-up of water making it more susceptible to leaks. Our team of skilled tradesman in Swindon specialise in flat roofing repairs so if you have a leak no matter how small call us as soon as you can before your flat roofing problem gets worse.

Contact Our Roofing Specialists

Whether you have metal roofing, lead roofing or flat roofing, our roofing contractors are well trained in all areas. Call us today on 01865 580 067 to get a free quote or you can fill out our online contact form.

Roof of a builing in Swindon

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Established in 1986, Abbey Roofing have 35+ years experience working within the roofing industry. We are a current member of The Lead Contractors Association, and we continue to undertake projects for clients such as Oxford University, The National Trust and The Building Contractors.

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