Re-Roofing Oxford University’s Balliol College

A prestigious project involving the re-roofing of a Grade 11 listed Warren Building, which forms part of Oxford University’s historic Balliol College, has recently been completed in a scheme described by the client as a ‘Fantastic job’.

Neville Clarke, surveyor for the college said “The Warren building, which is situated within a row of the college buildings, was constructed between 1912 and 1915. The slate and lead roof were in very poor condition as it had only been repaired piecemeal over the years – often by simply pouring on asphalt. Therefore, the whole roof needed stripping and re-covering including replacing all leadwork.”

The project required listed building consent and building control approval and was carried out in consultation with the local Conservation and Building Control Offices. It was agreed to re-roof the building with Penrhyn slate tiles over an insulated felt membrane as the loft space beneath has rooms within it and would, therefore, have been very difficult to insulate.

Neville Clarke said “Abbey Roofing has provided services for many years at Oxford University and many of its colleges. They had a very tight schedule in which to complete the works, which were carried out in winter. We, therefore, needed the protection of a temporary roof which was erected in January leaving a very tight timescale of 10 weeks for the roof works to be carried out which, nevertheless, was finished on programme before Easter.

Abbey Roofing really excelled and did a fantastic job on this project. They are a reputable company specialising in roofing conservation and have been rated with an excellent grade from the Lead Contractors Association for the quality for their work.”


Before the work was done


Stripped Roof

Stripped roof, work in progress


Ready To Slate

stripped roof, ready to be slated


Completed Hip

completed hip on roof


Final Product

finished work on Balliol College