Flat Roof Advice- 4 Signs to Suggest Replacement

If you are the owner of a flat roof, it is vitally important to ensure that you keep a very close eye on the condition of your roofing at all times. Due to its design, it has a considerably shorter lifespan than many of its roofing counterparts so to avoid costly and extensive damage, you should be looking out for the signs that the roof is in need of replacement at the earliest possible opportunity.

Read on to discover four sure fire signs that the time has come to replace your current flat roof with a brand new one;

Sign One: Holes and Leaks

If you discover any holes when inspecting your flat roof or start to see the effects of a leak on your ceiling, it is a good bet that your current roof needs replacing. Discolouration of the ceiling caused by a leak shows that water has penetrated the material and been absorbed by the layers of the roof, now making it more prone to allow water straight through rather than keep it out.

Sign Two: Disintegration

In order to continue functioning in the best possible manner, your roof needs to be in the very best condition however over time and after being subject to the often harsh British weather, the panels can begin to disintegrate which will obviously affect how well the roof performs.

Sign Three: Damaged Vapour Barrier

The vapour barrier is a vitally important part of a flat roof as it helps to prevent water entering the building the roof is on. A vapour barrier should be very tight however if this is not the case on your roof, the likelihood is that it has split or has been damaged in some other way, which will ultimately deem it ineffective.

Sign Four: Top Coating Damage

If you constantly hear a fluttering noise from your roof in windy conditions, the chances are high that the top coating of your flat roof is damaged. When the wind blows and the rain falls, the panels that are fluttering will expose the layers of roof underneath to the elements and potentially cause further damage.

All of the above are sure fire signs that your current flat roof needs to be replaced and as we at Abbey Roofing are experts in the installation of flat roofs across the Cheltenham, Oxford and Cotswolds areas, you can be confident that we can provide you with a new flat roof of the very highest quality to provide a long term solution.